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Is your home fit for you Or is it time to move?

Has the aftermath of recent flooding has left you wonder if your house is fit for you? Or do you think it is time to move?

Generally it’s the change in family size, change of job, financial situation etc. are the reasons why people decide to move.

But there are times when nature and natural disasters make the decision for many people. Monday’s storm that dumped 126 mm in about an hour is gaining the reputation of being one such reason. Many home owners are wondering if it’s time to move.

If the thought has crossed your mind too, you must read this article to reason with yourself – if it is time to move.

After the storm in Toronto and surrounding areas on Monday (July 8, 2013) many homes in the GTA were flooded. This caused sewer back-ups in many houses. Hot Water Tanks stopped working due to damage caused by flooding in the basements. Even after a week homeowners in many areas of Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto are struggling without hot waters.

Furnaces were also affected in homes where basements got flooded. Many AC units were submerged and stopped working. Many residents are still without the cold air comfort in this sweltering heat of the heat wave after the storm. With humidex (humidity index) values shooting above 40ºC, residents are sweating and waiting for the technician to arrive.

Not only it caused inconvenience, but also financial worries. Most of the Hot Water Tanks, Furnaces and AC Units that were affected by the flooding in the basements were rendered irreparable requiring replacements.

Since all these essential equipment cost big money, residents are pouring in calls to their insurance companies. With some discovering that they are not covered “for that type of damage” and other discovering the meaning of some fine prints, it’s basically summing up to disappointments and/or a long wait.

This has made many homeowners reflect on their need and situations.

Those living in older homes, which were most affected by sewer back-ups and basement flooding, are thinking of moving to newer homes as they are better equipped to endure such situations.

Herculean task of repairs and rebuilding has reinforced the thought of condo living in some homeowners. Especially seniors, elderly people, and single women are seriously considering condo living.

The worst situations are where financial losses and income losses caused by the flood damage has left residents with no choice but to sell their properties to sustain themselves financially.

If you think you need to explore your options, hire a sincere and knowledgeable realtor to guide and advise you of your options. 



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